July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 30

The BigFish Finder Breton Sound fishing reports this summer are no different than the financial news you always get. Most often, by the time you hear it, read it, or click on it… It’s too late. The fish in Breton Sound and the Hopedale, Delacroix areas have stayed on the move for most of the season. High river water mixing into Breton and Chandeleur Sounds as well as coastal areas are mostly to blame. The fresh and dirty water not only pushed the speckled trout around, but it delayed in big ways the annual migration of pogies (menhaden) as well as the normal movement of shrimp. Now if you fish this area, you know this. A spot can be on fire for one or two days, maybe even longer, but as quick as it turned on, it shuts down. Fish normally move about, but this year that movement is incredibly unpredictable and often frustrating for those who aren’t on the water as often as charter captains. by Capt. CT Williams BIGFISH TV • FOX 8 News (504) 244-3474 www.theBIGFISH.net Maddie Arabie with a monster bull redfish, she landed in June. The problem with fishing Breton Sound right now is you’re likely to face the Hero or Zero Syndrome. On the right day, in the right tide, with the river water out of the way, you may WHACK ’EM and be a Hero. The problem is once you make the run and get out there, you may find the water is bad and the fish aren’t at your first, second, or third stop. Time will rapidly become an issue, and you may find it difficult to run back inside and start your scouting all over. There is good news; that trend is slowing, and while July usually runs second to June in the peak of inshore fishing, this month will likely be better than last. There will still be a few challenges and fish will still use their tails to swim, but if you take a strategic approach on your next fishing trip, you’ll have a good chance of loading the boat (with a legal limit of course). Play the Odds So far, the rocks along the MRGO have been incredible in producing fish. The rocks “closer in” have done better than the end of the rocks, but that will likely change this month. A good plan would be to start on the rocks and get a few fish in the boat before heading out to Breton Sound. Who knows? - You’re likely to find a nice school of fish and finish up without needing to burn more fuel. Tips and techniques for being the hero.... more than the zero while fishing Breton Sound area 30 July 2016 www.marshandbayou.com Small moves before Big Ones Fish will be in the area of the rocks and Bay Eloi this month, you can bet on it. If your first spot doesn’t pan out, make a short move up or down the rocks and give it a try. Before you run out into the Sound, move towards the end of the rocks and check the water there. If it is brown with freshwater weeds floating in it, your chances of doing well in the Sound are reduced. One good method is to go fish the rigs on the outer edges of Bay Eloi, this month, you can bet on it. Hit and Run July will be filled with hungry fish, if you stop somewhere to fish, don’t give it more than 10 or 15 minutes. During that time, try