July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 27

are coaxed into eating the different bait. As water temperatures increase to the high 80’s, larger speckled trout are going to really start holding tight to structure. I always have a cast net in my boat and am on the hunt for pogies. Many of the marinas will have croakers for sale; but to have pogies as one of your main sources of bait, you must catch them with a cast net. Normally, I want the pogies and croakers to be the length of my hand from fingertip to the base of my palm, but mullet can be up to an inch longer. Finding pogies can be difficult at times, but that is why trophy trout hunting is specific to certain anglers because it absolutely takes a lot of effort before you even get to cast for the first time. These larger trout will place themselves on the up current sides of the platforms or islands a majority of the time, looking for bait as it enters the structure. Also, these fish will normally suspend about two to three feet off the bottom, while predators of the speckled trout like to be near or on the bottom, so you’ll want to adjust your presentation to keep your bait in that strike zone. Larger speckled trout also want to be in the ideal water temperature for them during the day. Surface temps will be best early and late in the day; but when most of us anglers are out fishing, the fish will be deeper near the cooler waters. This cooler water not only offers some relief from the hot summer temperatures, it also holds the most oxygen and clear water of the area. Look at depth in relation to a layered cake. The fish are going to align themselves in the best layer of the cake depending on the best conditions; so as you work and present your bait, take note on the depth where you catch your first fish and try to keep your bait in that depth range. www.captcharlie.com My FREE Coastal Fishing Concepts Seminar this month will be hosted by the Covington, LA Academy Sports and Outdoors on July 13th. The event time will be 6:00 to 8:00 pm that evening, and this is an all ages event. This is a question and answer format, so bring your maps and questions! Don’t forget to watch every Saturday morning at 9:00am on Cox Sports Television or from the web at www.CoastalFishingConcepts.com