July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 26

Gulf Coast, there are many different structures that hold larger fish consistently; and as long as the water temperatures are above 72 degrees, fish tend to hold on them monthly. Oil & Gas platforms or islands are one of these variables change. These platforms are structures that allow the larger and much smarter fish to have protection from predators and to access areas that hold bait. This tells us anglers that larger fish will hang on these structures because they feel comfortable around them and are willing to eat due to the bait As an angler, you must under- I have helped develop a tool that in the area. One thing for stand that sound is not only makes sounds certain is there is debris one of the main that grab the attention everywhere when you are senses that fish use of fish but one that fishing these structures; and to find bait, feeding calls fish into the area to properly fish them, you fish, or wounded you are fishing so you need to present your bait inprey. can catch more fish! side the structure or just on Just think about it, TheFishCall.com prothe perimeter of the platwe all use sound to duces more fish period, form. This means you are attract fish with our and if you want to be going to lose tackle and you corks, baits, and more productive on the are going to lose fish, it is lures because we know it works! water,