July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 25

Coastal Fishing Concepts Tracking the Silver Wonders When it comes to searching the elusive speckled trout, many anglers always look at the spring and late fall as the time of abundance. But if you are an angler who understands the process of the life of a speckled trout from years of experience, you will find that some of the largest speckled trout caught in good numbers come during the month of July when temperatures seem to be unbearable. Throughout the year, speckled trout are one of the most soughtafter species of fish that my clients prefer. Speckled trout, specks as most avid trout anglers call them, are very temperamental and feed only when conditions are favorable for them during a specific time of year. If you’ve become an angler who pursues these finicky fish, this article just might change your perspective on when to fish for trophy speckled trout. Being a professional guide in the great area of St. Bernard Parish for over 22 years and fishing with my father for these silver-wonders since I can remember, there are certain variables that are stuck in my memory banks. Even though I lost every fishing picture I owned in by Capt. Charlie Thomason Bayou Charters (504) 278-FISH Hurricane Katrina, I remember that all of my fishing photos with large or trophy trout were caught during the month of July. In fact, Pete Maltese, who was an unbelievable fish taxidermist, mounted two 8-pound trout for me that I caught within a week of each other during the month of July. Of course, those trout were in my lodge during Katrina and were also lost. The reason for me telling you this is that over my fishing lifetime when I look back and ponder on the months that have produced the largest speckled trout, July is always the most productive large trout time of the year. I feel the reason why July has been the most productive for larger trout comes from looking at the different structures available, depth of water in relation to the temperatures, and bait availability. Along the Continued