July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 24

Marsh & Bayou’s Fishing Forecast Summertime fishing is here. Our trout bite has been in full by Capt. Anthony Buquoi swing, bull redfish are Spot On Fishing Adventures coming to the beaches, 225-806-8808 captbuquoi@gmail.com and slot reds are scattering in the ponds. We will be chasing trout this summer along the coast, fishing the beaches and passes from Grand Isle to Timbalier. Look for many different things like breakers, current lines, and underwater structures holding fish. Trout like to feed and hang out in these areas, and also in the trough between the sandbar and the beach. While running, look for these places that may hold some fish. Others areas we will look for trout will be around the structures in our other bays. These struc“Look for many different tures will also hold redfish things like breakers, curand drum. Early in the rent lines, and underwater morning we will start on the structures holding fish. beach up shallow on an incoming tide. Then since Trout like to feed and the water gets so hot in the hang out in these areas, summertime after that early and also in the trough bebite, the fish will be deeper tween the sandbar and in the cooler water. We will be throwing tandem rig the beach.” Matrix Shad on David’s Custom Tackle Trout Tamer Jigs all day, either slow rolling them or just a little jerk and letting them fall depending on what they want that day. Other ways we will target these fish is using a Carolina rig or drop shot rig fishing with live shrimp and croakers. This time of year, our bull redfish will be schooling up and making their run along the coast. Keep your eyes out, you could see thousands swimming by just attacking anything they see. They can be a lot of fun to catch and release. If you’ve never seen a big school of reds feeding, you don’t know what you’re missing. If it’s slot redfish you’re after, get up into the grass and ponds of these islands in the bays. You’ll find schools of them just cruising the flats. Swim baits will be a good choice for them because their primary diet in summer is fish. I hope your summertime fishing is just as good as ours. Hope to see you out on the water. Go check us out at Captain Anthony Buquoi on his face book page and on you tube, Spot On Fishing Adventures and his website at www.spotonfishingadventures.com to see how we are doing on the water. If you would like to fish with Captain Anthony Buquoi just call him at 225- 806-8808 or email him at captbuquoi@gmail.com. See you on the water. Leeville July 2016 www.marshandbayou.com 24