July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 18

Marsh & Bayou’s Fishing Forecast The tricks in July for speckled trout will be to fish the outer edges of all landmasses, i.e. the big points, the ends of the passes, and sandbars, with popping Capt. Ron Price corks and soft plastics rigged 18 inches Fish Intimidator under them. The shallow water rigs and ( 504) 416-6731 www.fishintimidator.com barrier islands will also produce great trout fishing with quality fish, and these As I sit here to write this, the river is dropping can be fished using 3/8 ounce jigs with an eel or cocahoe minnow. The trout quickly and getting green pockets as high as Fort fishing on most days will be best early, Jackson. Fishing went from almost impossible on before it heats up. The end of Pass a many days to incredible. I must admit I don't Loutre is one of my favorite July places think I've ever seen a high River affect fishing as to fish. It holds a little of everything much as it did this spring! This being said, look there! for Venice to start turning heads again with loads The redfish in July will literally be everyof great catches. All of my boats have been hamwhere. They will be in ponds, bays, mering the trout and redfish all week. We have passes, outer edges of canes, you been fishing the edge of the Gulf on shorelines name it! For the really big redfish, and scattered islands, and everywhere there is you’ll want to fish big water. Schools of green water and baitfish. Just two weeks ago we bull redfish will be in the outer bays struggled many days to get a limit of redfish! and the ends of most passes. They love popping corks as much as anything with a 3/8 ounce jig 18 inches under it. The more noise you make, the FISHING LICENSE • PROPANE• FOOD • BEER CAVE • ICE • LOTTO • Fuel better. Pop it hard then let W E HAVE  M O it sit motionless for several TH AN  YOU  T HIRE seconds then repeat. If I'm NK ! not using a cork, I love a good top water bait. The best bait I've ever thrown Venice Inshore We are Madisonville’s Fishing Headquarters!!! Ethanol FREE GAS AVAILABLE! P!!! LIVE SHRIM 201 Hwy 22w Madisonville, LA Come CHeck out our NEW Tackle & Bait Room!! (985) 845-7122 Check us out ON-LINE! www.route22.us for the bulls is a Whopper Plopper. They are very expensive, but they also work! I would recommend putting better hooks on them however. The low river means great fishing! This doesn't mean let's all go plunder the fishery. Take what you need and practice some catch and release. I find way too many people looking at Venice as a place to go and fill the freezer. Many of us need to get past that mindset.