July 2012 Bonus Issue - Page 9

Is Hiding the Same as Lying? By Alex Choman at CESI Debt Solutions When it comes to sharing finances with your partner, is hiding some details the same as lying? This question reminds me of being an anxious middle schooler on the day report cards are sent home. My dad would ask, “how do your grades look?” I would quickly respond, “I got 5 A’s!” cleverly excluding the C- I got in my sixth class. Sooner or later, my dad would find out the truth and I would pay for my selective omission. Before addressing whether hiding a [܈[[\Z[]8&\]HXˈHX[و K H[Y\X[\H][]Z\\H܈YۚYX[\[]X\H H]H\ܙY] X[܈][X[Xܙ] وH]Y[X[ HYXܙ]ܙY]  IHYXܙ]][[ HYXܙ]X[X[ H\\[ N Hو[\ۙ[ZY^HY[[ܙH[ L ]][[Z\\\X]H[\[[ܞH]ܙY]\˘K[[X[[Y[]NHTUHHHHBX\HHXܚXHH]X\\BH]X\\[H LB