July 2012 Bonus Issue - Page 5

Letter From Publisher July 2012 estion of k Henry answered the qu On March 23, 1775, Patric to pay for freedom. uld be willing how high a price he wo is it that stand we here idle? What Henry said, “Why have? Is life so dear, or uld they gentlemen wish? What wo the price of chains t, as to be purchased at peace so swee at course ighty God! I know not wh and slavery? Forbid it, Alm give me for me, give me liberty or others may take; but as death!” order to reed and went to war in The country eventually ag we will again freedom. This July 4th forever secure America’s mbers of and honor the untold nu celebrate our freedom, that we have the ed everything so patriots who have sacrific s on the richest, most fulfilling live opportunity to enjoy the planet. ial I often think of our financ When thinking of freedom a closer look at one of e we take freedom as well. In this issu om: student loan ts against financial freed the biggest threa st your many more threats again debt. However, there are dit, rising re. Low wages, poor cre financial freedom out the ntity, just to who would steal your ide costs, and even criminals name a few. ht to obtain free, but it is worth the fig Financial freedom is not fight for with is something you must it. In today’s economy it u do not nry brought in 1775. If yo the same zeal Patrick He ains of debt. The yourself wearing ch then it is very easy to find freedom so down and make financial chains that will pull you much harder to obtain. d enjoy our This July 4th celebrate an , but also keep in country’s freedom freedom. mind your own financial ed to do today in What do you ne ncial freedom order to ensure your fina tomorrow? Mike Bowman Publisher m Mike@TheQuarterRoll.co