July 2012 Bonus Issue - Page 29

Always remember safety Always try and meet in a public setting. For big ticket purchases, always bring someone else with you and remember to always let someone know the address of where you’ll be and the time you expect to be done. Pay in cash and never let the other person know any of your personal information. Craigslist is perfect for scoring great deals on used items and when you learn how to buy on Craigslist the right way, you’ll be scoring your own deals in no time. TQR Read more at freemoneywisdom.com Have a comment about this article? Email it to comments@TheQuarterRoll.com Let’s Take A Break! 7 Weird Ways To Hurt Your Credit Score “As cell phones have become so prevalent, most of the carriers require a two year contract with an early termination fee attached. I have seen many clients decide to switch carriers in the middle of the contract period and then ignore the final billing of the termination fee. When that bill is not paid on the due date, the carriers report the late payment to the credit bureaus. This can result in an immediate credit score drop of 70 points which can seriously affect the interest rate for financing.” Barry Prior, Priority Financial Services, Pittsburgh, PA 1. Closing Credit Cards. 2. Not Filling Out A Moving Form. 3. Asking Banker to Check Score. 4. Not Paying Library Fines. 5. Unpaid Parking or Speeding Tickets. 6. Pay Less Than Owed. 7. Cards With No Limit. Get the entire article at usnews.com “To never put all your eggs in one basket has always been a good idea and a mantra of mine. Spread the risk. Have one job and do one thing and be able to do two or three other things in case one thing doesn’t work out. Just don’t be a master in one and a knucklehead in all others.” Gene Simmons For More Value Visit TheQuarterRoll.com The Quarter Roll July 2012 25