July 2012 Bonus Issue - Page 25

Fearing Talent Gaps, Employers Ask Where Help Will Come From By Kelly Scott, Regional Director, Manpower Today’s world of work is changing…and many of the recent college grads looking for jobs in their fields of study are not in high demand. We continue to read about statistics of a growing population of unemployed college grads. As the Washington Times recently reported, half of recent college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed. Many factors contribute to this alarming trend (as reported in the ManpowerGroup 2012 Talent Shortage Survey), which include environmental and organizational factors for all businesses suffering from talent gaps, regardless of where the shortage lies. The top reason employers say they can’t fill roles is simply an overall lack of applicants; the second is the candidate-based factor that applicants lack the technical competencies, or hard skills, required for the role. In addition, employers are looking for “soft skills” that include enthusiasm, professionalism, interpersonal skills and adaptability in the workplace…skills that cannot be taught in a four-year program. While employers continue to look for specific skills and education to fill many roles, 18% of the employers interviewed in our survey will hire job seekers WITHOUT the current jobs skills, BUT who have the potential to learn/grow. So, by looking at what the employers are offering to attract and retain job seekers, this can help dilute years of education and debt by getting a job seeker into a job that will provide the training and path for a longterm career. The Quarter Roll July 2012 21