July 2012 Bonus Issue - Page 21

Real Talk. My goal is to keep it real with you here and not fill your head with gold digging dreams of snagging a guy solely for his money and thinking that you will be nothing more than a trinket in his box of tricks. If you’re going to do this anyway, be smart about it, go to school, get some business acumen and make it a learning experience. Too many women find themselves penniless and poor after being dumped by a wealthy partner with no real concrete plan around how they would get back on their feet. Here’s a hint, walk in to your relationship with an education and a plan because prince charming doesn’t exist and a man is not a backup plan. However, while I do advocate making sure your partner is financially viable, please don’t go into the relationship only checking this box, make sure he is loving, respectful, shares your emotional values and someone who you know you can spend your life with through thick and thin. Love, not money gets you through hard times. Now, while I disagree with pushing women to use their feminine wiles to snag a man solely for money, I do agree with making sure that you wont be broke and in the poor house because you decided to marry a financially irresponsible partner. Thoughts? TQR Read more at girlsjustwannahavefunds.com Let’s Take A Break! 1. Expecting life to be easy. 2. Overlooking your true path and purpose. “If it matters, you will find 3. Chasing after those who don’t want to be caught. time and if it doesn’t, you 4. Not asking for help when you know you need it. 5. Letting one dark cloud cover the entire sky. will find excuses.” Dr. Ann 6. Holding on to things you need to let go of. Gatty, author of Reframe 7. Spending time with people who make you unhappy. Your Life: Enjoying the 8. Not making time for those who matter most. 9. Denying personal responsibility. Midlife Chapter 10. Letting everyone else make decisions for you. 11. Giving up who YOU are. 12. Quitting as soon as things get slightly difficult. 13. Doing too much and pushing too hard, without pausing. 14. Discrediting yourself for everything you aren’t. 15. Running from current problems and fears. 16. Constantly mulling over past hardships. 17. Denying your mistakes. 18. Expecting your significant other to be perfect. 19. Focusing on the negative. 20. Never allowing things to be good enough. Get the entire article at marcandangel.com The Quarter Roll July 2012 20 Bad Habits Holding Good People Back 17