July 2012 Bonus Issue - Page 20

D RE ! TU ICLE A FE RT A Smart Women Marry Rich: By Girls Just Wanna Have Funds Big Blue Eyes Or Big Green Bankroll? Yes, I know we’ve discussed this topic ad nauseum here and where the post first went live as a guest post at Consumerism Commentary. In my defense of bringing this up again, I was contacted by ABCNews to discuss my views on marriage and money as it relates to the book: Smart Girls Marry Money: How Women Have Been Duped Into the Romantic Dream–And How They’re Paying For It. And, while I think certain phrases are used mainly for shock value to pull the reader in, I generally agree with the premise. Don’t let sensationalized romanticism be your sole guide in choosing your life partner. If you meet a guy who has a string of debts from New York to Colorado and has no sincere intention (not wherewithal) to repay them, then run like you stole something! Seriously, how a man treats his finances — if he is not willing to honor his debts and obligations — is an indicator of how he will treat you in the marriage. I take this as a character flaw and not one I am willing to put up with in the marriage. Call me what you want, but I am not that girl. Still, I’m also not saying that you should walk into a marriage thinking that if you bring your looks and he brings his wallet then all is well and done in the land of happily ever after either. Let’s keep it real here ladies, your looks will fade over time and he will continue to make money. What will you do when he decides to trade you in for the latest Aston Martin? Become an asset to your partner and not a liability, coming to the table with only your looks makes for a bad business deal in which you’re just a depreciating asset. 16 The Quarter Roll July 2012 For More Value Visit TheQuarterRoll.com