July 2012 Bonus Issue - Page 19

Customers loved the baking powder so much that they started offering to buy even more of it from him. Demand was so high that Wrigley gave up selling soap and started a baking powder business; this time he gave away 2 free packs of chewing gum with each purchase of baking powder. Can you guess what happened again? Now customer demand for chewing gum went wild and yet another new business was born for Wrigley - selling chewing gum. Today, the Wrigley company sells gum in more than 180 countries and generates over $5 billion in revenue each year. . Let’s Take A Break! 6 Ways to Save Money at the Movies “In 1907 you could watch a film at a Nickelodeon theater for five cents. It now costs around $10 to go to a film.” The Quarter Roll Financial Entertainment Magazine May 2012 Wrigley’s marketing prowess could also help you win favor, respect, and additional opportunities at work as well. Bosses, like customers, also love to receive a little extra for the money they spend. Bosses, like customers, are often so excited to get a little extra for their money that they keep coming back as they associate the Get the entire article at deliverawaydebt.com product (you) with the good feelings they get from receiving the bonus. Eventually, they are even willing to make concessions or pay more in order to keep you by their side. TQR 1. Join A Frequrent Movie Program. 2. Go To The Movies Before 5pm. 3. Eat Before You Go. 4. Be Selective About Picking Movies. 5. Budget How Much You Will Spend. 6. Look For Special Discounts. How do you give your employer a small bonus? It is as simple as doing small tasks outside of your normal job duties. Here are 10 ideas. What are yours? • Pick up