July 2012 Bonus Issue - Page 14

If you have a business, even if it is part-time you can: • Focus on products that you sell and deliver without ever being there. Think e-products or drop ship items. • Hire subcontractors to help with more customers. If you stay at home with the kids you can: • Take on more kids as child care. • Make more food while you are prepping yours then sell it – (I for one would buy a ready to go home cooked meal from a mom so I don’t have to cook!) • Mystery Shop when you are out and about with your errands. • Start a blog about being a mom. Challenge yourself to maximize what you are doing today before you start adding more and more commitments for your schedule. You might be pleasantly surprised at home much money comes in. TQR Read more from Andrea Travillian at takeasmartstep.com Have a comment about this article? Email it to comments@TheQuarterRoll.com 10 The Quarter Roll July 2012