Julien's Journal January 2017 (Volume 42, Number 1) - Page 47



AT YOUR TABLE by Angela and Carolyn Linton-Canfield


Hello 2017 ! Boy , am I happy to see you ! Because honestly , 2016 came with its fair share of bumps , twists , and bruises and we are ready to shake off the old and step into the new . Who else is with me ? We are ready to start anew and take charge this month !


January is the traditional month of

making resolutions like “ I am finally going to lose those 15 pounds ,” or “ I need to drop the holiday weight I put on .” While this month ’ s recipes fall in line with those goals , this edition of “ At Your Table ” is more than that – it is a reminder that this body is the only one we ’ ve got and we need to love it , care for it , and feed it well . This month , and each month forward , we will be offering more recipes that feed the body and soul with food that fits most everyone ’ s dietary needs ( gluten free , vegan , Whole30 , etc .). We will focus on natural , body-loving foods that will not only fill your belly , but make you feel good about the food you are eating . who were following the Whole30 program , where you remove all dairy , gluten , soy , and sugar from your diet . We found it quite a fun challenge to create foods that fit into these guidelines , but were still flavorful enough that you actually craved them . Here are two you will fall in love with . Serves four .
1 lb . ground pork ( chicken , beef , turkey or firm tofu would all work as well )
2 tbs . sesame seed oil 2 cloves of garlic , crushed
1 14 oz . bag of coleslaw mix or one small head of cabbage shredded and one carrot shredded
Most people think we , as private chefs , must eat healthy foods all the time … and sometimes we do . But the reality of cooking food for other people all the time is you have no desire to cook a healthy meal for yourself . So I have been playing with a few recipes that are easy , filling , delicious , and most of all , can be made in advance and enjoyed for more than one meal . We had a couple of clients ’
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