Julien's Journal January 2017 (Volume 42, Number 1) - Page 38


LOCALLY GROWN by Connie Cherba




Eric and Michael Gantz , co-owners of Verena Street Coffee . Photo by John Moran
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If you start the day with a cup of java , you join 63 % of the American population who do just the same . Verena Street Coffee , family-owned and operated , is roasted locally and its popularity has gone international ! There ’ s no better advertisement than endorsements by friends and neighbors , and this is what they are saying :

“ Your fast shipping and amazing coffee has seen me through many early mornings . I have a daycare in my home . Caffeine is a necessity ! Thanks for such an awesome LOCAL product !”
“ I just wanted to let you know how much I love your coffee . I ’ m leaving to go work in Japan and I can guarantee that I ’ ll have at least three bags of Cow Tipper in my luggage when I go .” – Eli W .
“ I love Nine Mile Sunset and so does my husband ! I first tried Verena Street Coffee at Costco in Coralville and really liked it . Then I found that we could receive it as a subscription and have been very pleased with not ever running out !” – Joan
Nine Mile Sunset ? Cow Tipper ? Shot Tower Espresso ? Those three flavors join Lock and Dam 11 , Julien ’ s Breakfast Blend , Sunday Drive , and Mississippi Grogg – all unique flavors with clever names and a special Dubuque connection .
Verena Street Coffee Co . is named after a quiet street in the neighborhood where cousins and co-founders Eric and Michael Gantz grew up . Although the site is now a highway , they wanted to preserve their many warm family memories with a meaningful name and Verena Street was perfect . And just to ensure that their customers fully understand the importance they place on family , their story is printed on each bag of coffee .
Eric and Michael are committed to customer