Julien's Journal January 2017 (Volume 42, Number 1) - Page 19




Hirschbach Motor Line by Connie Cherba

Brad and Jillayne Pinchuk are proud of Hirschbach Motor Lines and they have

good reason to be so . The company they purchased some four years ago , along with Tom Grojean Jr ., has become a best-business-practices trendsetter in the refrigerated trucking industry . Hirschbach has a long history of delivering fresh and frozen goods as well as dry goods across the U . S . Back in the mid-1930s , founder Ray Hirschbach started the company with just one truck . He won the admiration of his customers when he began successfully transporting bananas from Gulf ports to the upper Midwest . Today , Hirschbach Motor Lines employs more than 1300 , boasts a fleet of some 1000 tractors and 1800 refrigerated trailers , and has facilities in eight locations east of the Rockies . “ Over the last three-and-a-half years , we have doubled the size of the company through organic growth – meaning we didn ’ t buy anyone , we expanded our existing customer base and brought new customers on ,” said company president and CEO Brad . The numbers are impressive , but they reflect only part of the story . While customer satisfaction has been a key to Hirschbach ’ s success , keeping their employees happy with best busi-
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