Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Issue 2 - Page 6

Inside my... Capsule Wardrobe with Jack Zelenka Capsule wardrobes are no industry secret. A few essential pieces of clothing can make deciding what to wear a thing of the past, as certain items just don’t seem to go out of fashion. When you combine these bare essentials with more seasonal clothing, you can create a variety of outfits and looks with minimum effort. In a general sense, men have always done this and for this reason I consider myself pretty grateful to be a bloke sometimes, not having to worry quite so much about keeping up with the latest trends. The first item on my list is more of a rule than a specific item of clothing. Don’t be afraid of plain clothes. Too often with high street retailers especially, you see t-shirts or jumpers adorned with printed imaging or patterns. Basic clothing doesn’t have to be dull; a simple plain white t-shirt can be an integral part of a variety of looks. For example a white tee under an unbuttoned denim shirt, sleeves rolled up, is a quick fire look that is totally underutilised. The same goes for under a leather biker jacket: instant James Dean rebel without a cause. Even on its own the plain white tee can be used as casual sleepwear or as part of a more beatnik look. Don’t forget the black t-shirt either: often overlooked by its white brother, the black tee manages to be bold despite its basic nature. With any clothing, fit really is important. Too baggy and you could look like you just couldn’t be bothered to dress, too tight and you can reveal more of your body shape than you intended. For any 20 plus male, a variety of button down shirts is a must. Depending on how you choose to wear a shirt, it can be equally suited to a nightclub or job interview. While check shirts are very much more of a casual item, they can go with just about any item of clothing you can imagine. Buttoned all the way to the top, tucked into your trousers with a bow tie, unbuttoned and loose over a tee shirt...the list is endless. They’re easy to find too 6 - Vintage shops are usually laden with rail upon rail of plaid wonders in a variety of colours for you to pick from. Plain Oxford shirts are also an essential. Effortlessly classic and relatively affordable, the Oxford is ready to be worn however you want for almost any occasion. We recommend layering them with a thin sweater for a laid back weekend look. Just make sure the colours don’t clash and that you’re showing the right amount of collar over the neck of the sweater. ‘ Plain clothing doesn’t have to be dull; a simple plain white t-shirt can be an integral part of a variety of looks.’ When choosing bottoms, guys are usually pinned down to three main choices, Jeans, Chinos or Cords. If you choose chinos or cords, always avoid bright colours if you’re looking to give off a mature impression. A pair of well-fitting classic chinos pair up perfectly with a light Oxford shirt for a smart but not overly formal look. Choosing jeans however is almost like making a lifestyle decision. It’s difficult. Finding the right fit, the right colour... It can be a nightmare. Despite this, finding the right pair will leave you with a friend for life. By their very nature they are rugged and durable so if treated well will be a vital part of your wardrobe for years. While skinny jeans are great (if you’ve got the legs for them), they can be limiting to both your wardrobes versatility and your own personal mobility! Like with coloured chinos, skinny jeans can give off an overly youthful impression that will date as you get older, leaving you out of pocket.