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Good Old Fashioned Romance vintage wedding By Jenessa Williams For many girls (and boys too, let’s not be sexist!), one day is more important than any other for getting all dressed up. A couples wedding day is meant to be an embodiment of not only their love, but of the two families they’re bringing together, the passions they share and the things that bond them together. For Daisy Ann Lloyd and her husband Jamie, it was vital that their big day showed off their love of rockabilly, tattoos and punk culture. After four years together, the couple knew that neither would be comfortable with a traditional affair. Instead they set about crafting their dream day, complete with handmade invites, liquor on every table and an incredible artisan cake. We caught up with Daisy to find out just how much work went into their magical event... How did you two meet? In Bath. I was doing my post grad and living back with my parents whilst studying. Jamie was also studying at the time. We were both with friends at Moles Club in Bath and I struck up a conversation with him about his tattoos. How did you/he propose? He was helping my Dad renovate an old boat when he asked him for my hand in marriage. Jamie did tell me that he had asked my Dad but later he made a special proposal. We were in Brighton (where we live now) at the time, as he had an appointment to get tattooed 36 by our friend Phil Kyle at Magnum Opus. He brought a temporary ring in Accesorize and whilst we were walking along the pier on a sunny day, he stopped and got on one knee. part of my life. Our Vicar Jess is absolutely brilliant and down to earth and she allowed us to play the music that we wanted. Guests arrived to the sounds of Ruth Brown and left with ‘Rose of My Heart’ by Johnny Cash. ‘I made pretty much everything; table runners, bunting, favours, all the men’s boot lace ties and screen printed signs from our invitations...’ Our wedding breakfast in the afternoon was in the ballroom at the Langport Arms and I decorated the whole room to look as much like a 50’s American diner as I could. The menu and food was all diner style and the waitresses/waiters wore little hats and badges to help make it look authentic. I mixed it up a bit with vintage tea cups, but safe to say most people used these for the bottle of Sailor Jerry on each table and not tea! Our wedding car was a black 1959 Ford Galaxie driven by the owner who was also the DJ at our evening reception. Him and his wife teach swing dance lessons and gave everyone a lesson at the beginning of the night which was brilliant and hilarious, especially as everyone was already pretty tipsy.The evening reception was in the same ballroom as the breakfast. We also had a photobooth set up by the photographers, a sweet buffet made from vintage glassware and sweets brought from eBay and temporary tattoo parlour. We felt nervous at first about older relations being there and seeing our tattoos, but instead we decided it was our day and they can fit in with us, not the other way around. It was funny to see some of them showing off their arms covered in transfers! Did you go D.I.Y for any of your other decorations? I made pretty much everything; table runners, bunting, favours, all the men’s boot lace ties and screen printed signs from our invitations. I would say though that this was a lot to take on! What was the one centerpiece of your day that you could not have had a vintage wedding without? I think there were three key things that glued the whole theme together. Firstly, it was the invitations, they set the whole scene for the day. Secondly, apologies to my husband, but my dress. The dress is so important for setting the style of the rest of the wedding party and that needs to look right for a vintage theme. Lastly, we were so lucky to have Jamie’s Step Mother pay for our cake which was the most awesome Choccywoccydoodah creation. It looked like our invitations, was the right colour and took centre stage when people arrived at the reception venue. Where there any major compromises made between you and your Husband in terms of the wedding planning or did it all go smoothly? Nothing will ever go 100 percent smoothly in terms of Why did you go for a vintage theme and how did you integrate it throughout your day? I wanted the theme of the day to really represent who both Jamie and I are as people. We are both tattooed, love punk and rockabilly, and have a passion for midcentury styles. A lot وHX