Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Issue 2 - Page 32

It seems we’re not the only ones who love sharing our passion for vintage - the blogosphere is full of vintage addicts! But whilst everyone and their well groomed sausage dog seems to have a tumblr, how do your sort the retro queens from the paupers? Well, we scoured the internet so you don’t have to! Picking one blogger from each of the towns Judy’s travelling fairs visit, get ready to start saving some new favourites to your bookmarks bar... gers Map! Blog dresses impeccably as a classic lady. A true testament to vintage living 24/7, her outfit posts never see her with a hair out of place. We defy you not to want to put every one of her outfits on your pinterest board. www.mid-centurygirl.blogspot.com Tunbridge Wells - A bible for the fashion conscious young mother, The Tunbridge Wells Mum is a treat for the eyes, cobbling together fashion advice and inspirational stories of working women with exciting businesses. Perfect for the fashion lover who wants to develop their passion into a career. www.thetunbridgewellsmum.com The North The South Bath - After blogging about her personal life for nearly Cambridge - Splitting her time between London 7 years, Debbie of Nostalgia At The Stone House now uses her blog to advertise her shop of the same name. Selling all sorts of unique homeware, accessories and handmade dolls, Debbie is constantly creating and her passion for stitching is contagious. www.nostalgiaatthestonehouse.blogspot.co.uk Bournemouth - Mixing her own outfit posts with style and Cambridge, Australian born Briony’s blog is a charming insight into the busy city life of a senior political advisor with a passion for fashion. Thumbs up for her lovely travel posts – now where’s our passport? www.agirlastyle.com London - If 60s chic is what you’re after, you best say advice, Rosie is representing Bournemouth as a city that knows how to mix vintage with high street style. We’re always super jealous of her weekly wishlists. www.arosieoutlook.com hello to queen of the beehive, Olivia. A girl who really knows how to work a photoshoot (plus some good old fashioned food porn), she treats her blog with full time commitment and passion, and we love her for it. www.whatoliviadid.com Brighton- Part of the wordpress crew, Stella lives vintage fulltime, and looks amazing doing it. A treasure trove of enviable buys and inspirational images from yesteryear, her site is a great slice of fashion history. www.vintagevessel.wordpress.com Norwich - Describing herself as ‘a modern girl with vintage loves’, Kerry has b Y[