Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Issue 2 - Page 28

Make Do and Trend: Shabby Chic Storage Box 1)Lay out newspaper and remove drawers from box. 2)Using a scouring cloth, clean and buff off any irregularities. 3)Taking care to brush in one direction, paint entire box. Decoration Ideas •Wallpaper Samples •Magazine cuttings •Fabric Scraps •Comic Pages •Handdrawn pattern •Glitter Glue 4)Leave box to dry whilst you paint the drawers... Storage Ideas •Teabags and Napkins •Haberdashery •Sweets •Jewellery •Stationery •Technology - all those pesky chargers! •Business Cards and Envelopes •Spare Change Had a go at any of our tutorials? Send us a pic at judysvintagemagazine@gmail.com or on twitter or instagram 28 5)Remembering to leave one 6)Use template to cut out paper drawer till last to draw around and and arrange your patterns. create a template. 7)Spray a thin layer of spray mount onto the drawer and leave for 20 seconds. You Will Need •Plain Box. We got ours for free when a local cafe shut down, but you can buy these new from Ikea for a few pounds - with all the drawers! •Paint. A matchpot sample should do a medium sized box. We picked white paint, but choose whatever colour you like! •Pretty paper swatches. We used wallpaper samples, free from most 8)Press paper gently onto the drawer and smooth out any bubbles. 9)Repeat with all boxes. 10)Make dummy drawers to replace missing ones by sticking wallpaper to thick cardboard and squeeze it into place. 11)Stack your drawers in your prefered order. 12)Et voila! Fill your box with goodies and display with pride. home DIY stores. •Strong Glue. We used spray mount - make sure to use in a ventilated area! •Pencil and Scissors - for cutting and marking paper •Newspaper - to keep paint from getting everywhere! •Scouring cloth - to mop up paint drips and buff wood •Cardboard - to make template and dummy drawers 29