Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Issue 2 - Page 26

A Fast & Frugal Fix Fallen in love with the pattern of kilo sale dress, but it’s in the wrong size? Use the fabric to make a simple cushion or table runner. If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, cover an old corkboard with material to make a pinboard, or if you’ve been hoarding reams of fabric, attempt your own curtains. Soft furnishings are your friend! Quirky blankets, throws and cushions are the simplest way to make a room seem vintage and a great way to learn new sewing, knitting and crocheting skills. They’ll be entirely original, and you’ll have something fun to do in front of the telly after work or college. Addicted to that vintage filter on instagram? Turn your favourite selfies into polaroid magnets using Stickygram.com. Bonus points if you can source an original, sherbet colour Smeg fridge to stick them on. Upcycle suitcases for storage or stack to create as a side table. There are plenty of these at Judy’s fairs, so keep your eyes peeled. Whilst a really old case might require some love and attention to restore it to former glory, a quick google search will give you plenty of help. If DIY is not your thing, check out oliverbonas.com for his delightful wooden cases in a variety of sizes (see image). Make a display out of your best vintage buys by investing in a cheap mannequin. It’s a great way of storing jewellery or favourite clothing without having to hide them away, and can make a great focal point for a room. If your budget is super tight, you can even make your own by creating a plaster cast of yourself with paper mache (you might need a friend to help with this, it can get messy!) Old delivery pallettes or crates make quick shabby chic bookcases when stacked appropriately. Line a few sturdy ones up in a bay window to make a lovely window seat, complete with foam padding as a cushion. If you fancy cornering off some space in a room to make an office area, why not try an old fashioned Victorian screen? Decoupage tissue paper patterns on to make it more unique and inject some colour into your surroundings. Distressing furniture can be as simple as some sandpaper and subtle paint. Make sure you ask permission first though! Don’t worry about making everything too co-ordinated. In kitchens especially, a vintage look can be achieved easily with mismatched crockery. Keep an eye out at Judy’s fairs for tea trays, tea pots and cup and saucer combos. Stay true to yourself – whilst ‘everything vintage’ might earn you some hipster points, if you know you’re going to feel scared to touch anything in your own house because it’s so pretty and perfect, you are allowed to cheat a little and use vintage as an inspiration rather than a rule to live by. Send your top homeware tips or makeover pictures to us at judysaffordablevintagemagazine@gmail.com Bunting will brighten any room, especially if it’s homemade to fit your chosen colour scheme. Experiment with shapes, sizes and finishes to see what works best for you. How many times have you found yourself scrolling through Pinterest or your favourite blog, sighing with envy at the pretty French bedrooms, 50s kitchens and homely living rooms that positively emanate expensive vintage glamour? It can seem impossible to replicate the things you see online in your own home without some serious savings and upheaval, and even less if you’re renting and can’t afford to make any permanent changes. But sigh no more! We’ve put our heads together to come up with our top tips to inject a little vintage vigour into the place you call home, suitable for any budget. Enjoy! By Jenessa Williams 26 Fairy lights are super cheap and give a room a comforting glow. Cover paper expresso cups in fabric and poke a hole in the bottom to sit your lights in. Tres chic! Lots of white space will break up