Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Issue 2 - Page 24

Playing Hairdressers with... Lynsey Le Keux 1950s Classic Set with Ariana, Head Stylist at Miss Dixie Belle The 1950s set has more volume than the 1940s one, with a higher front. You can get more volume than I have here if you like, by backcombing even more! If you wear this style often, it’s worth having your hair cut into a shape that works well with the look. We at Miss Dixiebelle can help you achieve theright cut for you! We recommend: •Carmen heated rollers and Remington Tight Curls heated rollers •Stay Set Extra Firm Setting Lotion •Schwartzkopf Silhouette Hairspray Flexible Hold and Extra Firm Hold •Tailcomb, Teasing Brush and Denman Bristle Brush 1)Start with dry, un-straightened natural hair, preferably day old or more - this will help hold the style longer. Us Brits are most certainly used to rain, and having lost a time consuming pin curl set to it recently, I thought I’d put together some tips on some rain-proof hair to get us through the Blighty summer and it’s inevitable showers. I’ve designed two styles which are easy to do (once you’ve practised) and that should stay pert and intact if caught in the rain. You’ll need: •Strong hair spray, preferable freeze spray •Thin tooth tail comb •Bobby pins •Head scarf •Hair elastic Bettie Bangs 1)Section off a semi circle at the front of the hair (judge the length of the section yourself, 1.5 to 2 inches deep should be fine). 2)Apply mousse generously (the hair should be dry and 1 day washed ideally) from root to tips, but don’t drench the hair so it’s wet. 3)Take a heated rod curler and roll the hair up, securing tightly at the root. Leave to cool for 20 minutes (or longer if you can). 4)In the meantime comb back the remaining hair into a low pony tail, but instead of fastening with a hair band twist the hair upward, tuck in the ends and fasten with bobby pins to create a french twist. Spray generously with hair spray and let it dry. Spray again. 24 5)When the curler is cool, remove gently. Run a comb through the length of the curl, then back comb the full length of the hair. Smooth over the top layer and roll up into a faux bang. You’ll now have a sort of victory roll on the forehead. Gently tease the ends of the roll upward and pin to create a crescent shape fringe. Spray generously with hair spray. Let it dry and spray again. 6.Fold up your head scarf and tie behind the faux fringe hiding any clips on the way. Spray again! Kiss Curl and Bun 1)Follow steps 1 and 2 above. 2)Section the hair into two, a left and right section. 3)Set aside the left hand section. Place a hot rod curler in the right hand section, rolling backward and down. 4)Now roll the left hand section in another curler, this time forward and down. Again, allow to cool for 20 minutes or more. 5)Comb back the remaining hair into a low pony tail and fasten with a hair elastic. Spray the length of the pony tail with hair spray then section off a small piece from underneath the pony tail. 6)Use the small piece of hair to wrap around the pony tail to cover the hair elastic. Pin the ends to hold in place. Spray with hair spray. 7)Take the larger section and roll upward and inward as if creating a victory roll. Pin firmly in place. Gently tease the ends of the roll toward the back of the head to create a bun, pin in place and spray with hair spray. 8)Remove the curlers