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Carrot and Walnut Cake with Angie Coburn, Director of The Marvellous Tea and Dance Company My favourite cake has to be the humble carrot & walnut cake. After trying several recipes, some too sloppy, some too dry, some too greasy, I decided it was time to get confident in the kitchen & create my very own. I used all the same ingredients as a basic carrot cake but got experimental with weights and measures. So here is my MARVELLOUS carrot cake recipe! You Will Need: 250 mls of sunflower oil 300 grams of soft brown sugar 3 free range eggs 200 grams SR flour 250 grams of grated carrot One table spoon of mixed spice. Handful of broken nuts Whipped double cream Philadelphia cream cheese Icing sugar Method In your food mixer whip together the soft brown sugar & oil. Add the eggs and whip again. Next add the flour mixed spice salt and flour & mix again. Pour the mix into a tray 20cm x 27cm , sprinkle the nuts on top. Bake at 180 for around 40 mins. The cake should be golden brown.Press the top of the cake lightly with a finger - if it springs back its ready! Pastels, Pearls and Pretty Patterns vintage tea party Lilac Jumper - Leeds Kilo Sale, £3.75 Wool Check Skirt - Leeds Kilo Sale, £3.75 Brown Bow Pumps - eBay, 99p Pearl Braclets and Alice Band - Primark, £1 each Also spotted at Judy’s Affordable fairs... For the filling I am leaving it to you to decide on weights and measures. I am not being cruel, its dead easy ! Some like it sweet, some like it creamy, some like it cheesy. You need to whip double cream until stiff, fold in cream cheese & sieved icing sugar and keep tasting it. It wont go wrong I promise, just don’t over mix it. You can chop cake in half and sandwich with creamy filling or just spread on the top. It’s up to you! Visit The Marvellous Tea Dance Company here Our Top 5 Cake Stands 22 The Perfect Tea Party Outfit vintage tea party £5.00 craftcompany.co.uk £11.99 dunelm-mill.co.uk £36.00 dotcomgiftshop.co.uk £12.99 mollieandfred.co.uk £34.00 bombayduck.com 23