Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Issue 2 - Page 16

Meet The Traders We’ve come together as a group of three people and we’ve decided to do it as a team effort. Amongst the things here today, which item is your own personal favourite? It’s this jacket here. It’s really unusual because it’s a one-off, it’s a hand-made 80s velvet. Basically it was given to me a long time ago by a friend of my mum’s who was really, really glamorous. It did used to fit me but I was never brave enough to wear it when it fitted me, and now I absolutely love it, I’d love to wear it but it doesn’t fit me anymore. On a rainy Saturday, Team Digest headed to the magnificent Corn Exchange in Leeds for “work”, which meant blagging bargains and having a chat with the delightful traders about how they find the strength to not keep all the beautiful clothes they sell to themselves. By Jack Zelenka and Johanna Mangel I’ve probably collected vintage since I was 17, so it’s just been my hobby. It got to a point where I decided, right, I could actually do something with this. This has been going for a long time. It’s a hobby. Out of the items here today do you have a personal favourite? What’s the story behind it? Yes I do, I’ve actually already sold it to someone today. I had it shipped in from LA, so it was quite a lovely thing, but unfortunately it’s too big for me so I’ve had to part with it today. It is my favourite and I think a little tear did come when it went off the mannequin, but it’s going to a good home. Katie Carter from Grandma’s Closet What do you sell? I sell pre-owned and vintage clothing all at affordable prices. Everything’s handpicked by myself and it’s all quite eclectic. Really lovely things, I think. When did this start? Do you sometimes find it hard to put pieces out to sell, wouldn’t you just want to have them all? Yeah, sometimes. It’s just that I have so many myself, it’s just sort of nice to mix and match and when I feel like I can get rid, I get rid so it’s quite refreshing. I always buy when I come to the fairs. I’m a big coat fan, I’ve got lots of jackets and coats, maybe about 50. What do you enjoy about Judy’s events? This is actually my first one, so it’s new to me, but it’s been really busy, loads of lovely, kind people. All the stall holders are really friendly so that’s important. Careen from Bubble and Squeak What do you sell? We sell a mixture of vintage clothes, bric a brac and basically anything we find interesting When did this start? We haven’t really branded ourselves, we’re quite new. Amongst the things here today, which item is your own personal favourite? I love these utility chairs, which we’ve upholstered and painted, I think they look adorable. Fran Boyd from Goodbye Norma Jean Pop-Up Vintage Do you sometimes find it hard t