Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Issue 2 - Page 14

there’s some really good make up tutorials that you can follow to help you experiment with your look. If you could go shopping with any old Hollywood actress who would you pick? Oh, this is a good one! I’d probably pick Veronica Lake, but I’ll probably just get hair envy and life envy… she was so glamorous, don’t get me started on her amazing hair waves! Tell us about how you ended up working for Judy? I was at University studying Graphic Design and I was really bored over the Summer between my second and third year, I wanted to do something creative with my time so I emailed Judy asking about work experience opportunities and funnily enough (I think it was fate) she was looking for a student designer to come on board as part of the team to do the flyers and posters. I started 2 mornings a week and then she got me working at the fairs, which I absolutely loved. After Uni I carried on working for Judy part-time whilst working full-time in a bar, it was knackering but it’s paid off completely. Just before Christmas Judy offered me this position and about three months ago I started as Brand and Event Manager full-time. I still get to do brand design work, which is originally the job I came here to do, but I’m also in charge of fair organisation, promotion and working the events. I feel extremely lucky to be in this position, it’s amazing. What does an average day at work entail? Every day is completely different. Depending how many fairs we have that weekend or that month my working Instaglam! pattern changes. I spend lots of time promoting each city so I often spend a day on one event (and answering emails in between)! I also run our social media profiles so I get to natter with our wonderful customers which is great. Then obviously there are fair days which are always full of excitement, suspense and lots of shopping (and cake)! What’s your favourite part of the job? I get to work in an environment that I love. I don’t feel like it’s ‘work’ because I’ve been used to physically exhausting bar work all my life. I never get the ‘oh god I’ve got to go to work today’, or ‘ah, the person I work with is driving me nuts! Oh my boss is being horrible!’ it’s great. Judy, Donna and myself work as a really good team and really get on which is so lovely. It’s challenging as well, I never get bored, it’s high pressure sometimes but it’s more than worth it. What does the future hold for Judy’s? We’ve got a few new places we’re going to this year, which is exciting. We’re really building the brand with me behind the wheel of the affordable fairs and Judy behind our other brand The Vintage Kilo Sale and The Vintage Furniture Flea. We are really pushing the fact our fairs are affordable, that’s why the company started after all. We are currently running a Mr/Mrs Affordable Vintage Competition which you can enter each month (with the winner getting free entry to all of our events for a whole year)! We’ve also got some festivals lined up for the summer as well – so you might see us with a cheeky G&T in hand and our wellies on when the weathers warmer... We at Digest HQ are frankly obsessed with Emily’s instagram, @emilyhasglasses. Expect a mix of classy selfies, enviable vintage bargains and food that looks so good it doesn’t even need a filter! Televintage Our TV screens were once again glowing with marvellous series’ in 2013. Shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones had people hooked from start to finish but 2013 also saw some beautifully vintage programmes. Since premiering in 2007, Mad Men has alerted a whole new generation to how sexy the 60s can be. Focusing on exploits in the 1960s New York advertising industry, Mad Men boasts some of the most historically accurate set design and downright perfect wardrobe design in modern television. Costume designer Janie Bryant, I salute you. The ensemble cast’s wardrobes perfectly fit the sexy, classy and seductive tone of the show. If any guys out there need tips on choosing a suit, look no further than lead character Don Draper (John Hamm) who sports a variety of suits in a variety of colours and textures. True to 60s form he isn’t afraid of patterned ties either. A high collared shirt, normal width tie of a complementary colour and well-fitting text \