Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest Issue 2 - Page 10

Peeling back the layers of ... By Johanna Mangel and Jenessa Williams grading. We just put out original bags, straight from the supplier onto tables and cut them open. People just rummage it and pick what they want. Hand pick events are always really, really popular. Does it ever get competitive between the customers? I’m sure it must do a little bit, but it’s so diverse what people want. Literally, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In general it’s very rare that you get people fighting over stock and the bigger buyers who would get more passionate about such a thing come earlier in the week when there’s a lot more to choose from. We try to keep it all fair. We work on a stock list system so we have a stock list that’s updated every day on our website with how much things are and if we get new products in it just gets added to the list. So if you log in on a Monday ‘oh that’s what they’ve got for sale’, log in on a Tuesday ‘they’ve added ten lines.’ So it’s a first come first serve, that’s the only way you can really do it I suppose. For more information, watch Glass Onion’s video below and visit them at glassonionvintage.com Ever been to a Judy’s kilo sale and wondered how on earth all that wonderful stock comes to be in one place, just waiting for you to delve in? Well, we donned our detective caps and travelled to Barnsley to find the Headquarters of wholesalers Glass Onion. Stocking Judy’s events and vintage stores all over the country, they know a thing or two about what [