JSH Reporter Summer 2016 - Page 8

APPELLATEHIGHLIGHTS 008 JSH RESOURCE ALERT! Law and Case Alerts The JSH Law and Case Alerts are periodic publications that provide reviews of recent court decisions. In order to provide up-to-date decisions, we publish Law and Case Alerts individually, within 48 hours of the case’s original publication date. These are sent to our clients via email, posted to our website and distributed via social media. To be added to our email distribution list, please send an email to marketing@jshfirm.com. Archives of past Law Alerts are available at www.jshfirm. com/publications and www.jshfirm.com/casesofnote. August, 25, 2015 Ritchie v. Costello (Arizona Court of Appeals ) Cottonwood Airport did not owe a duty of care to pilot of ultralight aircraft after takeoff, when he had a mid-air collision with a hot air balloon. September 9, 2015 Gambrell v. IDS Property Casualty Insurance Co. (AZ Court of Appeals) The Uninsured Motorist Act generally requires insurers to make underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) available. A.R.S. § 20–259.01(C), however, permits insurers to exclude UIM when the insured is driving a large truck used in a business for transporting property. MORE INFORMATION: http://www.apltwo.ct.state.az.us/Decisions/ CV20140147OPN.pdf August 4, 2015 Rodriguez v. Fox News Network (Arizona Court of Appeals ) Fox News Networks broadcasted a high-speed chase and the suspect’s subsequent suicide live, during which the suspect’s two teenage sons learned their father had killed himself. The Court affirmed dismissal of mother’s emotional distress claims as barred by the First Amendment. MORE INFORMATION: http://www.azcourts.gov/Portals/0/OpinionFiles/ Div1/2015/1%20CA-CV%2014-0437.pdf MORE INFORMATION: http://www.azcourts.gov/Portals/0/OpinionFiles/ Div1/2015/CV14-0185.pdf August 25, 2015 Lewis v. Debord (Arizona Supreme Court) Failing to attach an information statement to a certified copy of the judgment does not invalidate an otherwise valid lien under Arizona’s judgment lien statutes; rather the judgment lien simply lacks priority against competing creditors who record liens against the property before the information statement is filed. MORE INFORMATION: http://www.azcourts.gov/Portals/0/OpinionFiles/ Supreme/2015/CV140293PR.pdf ABOUT THE AUTHOR JON BARNES Jon clerked for Judge Orozco at the Arizona Court of Appeals before joining the firm. He currently practices on state and federal appeals. Contact Jon at 602.263.4437 or jbarnes@jshfirm.com