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TABLEOFCONTENTS 002 TABLE OF CONTENTS SUMMER 2016 articles 4 Dart Cherokee: Shifting The Burden To Plaintiff In Federal Diversity Cases By: Bill Caravetta 9 Social Media Research After Voir Dire – The Jodi Arias Case By: Patrick Gorman 12 You’ve Been Hit With a Large Jury Verdict. Now What? By: Whitney Harvey 14 Everest Indemnity Insurance Company v. Rea Rejects Implied Waiver Of The Attorney-Client Privilege By: Bill Caravetta 20 An Investigative Piece on Clawback Agreements By: Michele Molinario and Justin Ackerman | Contributor: Gaya Shanmuganatha 25 Nevada Adopts Cumis Counsel Requirement – Who’s Next? By: Patrick Gorman 31 Bad Faith Defense Themes By: Don Myles cases of note 6 26 Appellate Highlights resources 8 24 33 33 JSH Law and Case Alerts announcements 11 15 16 30 Upcoming Speaking Engagements JSH Cases of Note Construction, Transportation & Retail Compendiums JSH Reference Guide to AZ Law USLAW Judicial Profiles Meet Our New Lawyers Check Out Our New Office Welcome our Summer Clerks & JSH Events PARKING MAP AND DIRECTIONS TO JSH PAGE 17