JSH Reporter Summer 2015 - Page 23

JSHFIRMANNOUNCEMENTS 023 what’s happening OUTSIDE OF the firm? UPCOMING SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Stay up to date at jshfirm.com Ed Hochuli and Phil Stanfield to Co-Present at the American Trucking Association’s 2015 Forum for Motor Carrier General Counsel The American Trucking Association has invited Ed Hochuli and Phil Stanfield to co-present at the 2015 Forum for Motor Carrier General Counsel on July 19-22, 2015 in La Jolla, California. Mr. Hochuli and Mr. Stanfield will be co-presenting “Litigation Strategy and Public Relations Impacts: Which Takes Precedence?” This year’s ATA Litigation Center Forum for Motor Carrier General Counsel again features a Symposium on Highway Accident Litigation. The program will include lectures, demonstrations and interactive sessions. Register for the American Trucking Association’s 2015 Conference here: http://www.trucking.org/event.aspx?uid=b79cfe80c50b-4934-a7bd-1fd6fe2bb55e Bill Schrank to Present at the Arizona State Bar’s 2015 CLE by the Sea Bill Schrank has been invited to present “Enhancing Your Skills: Resolving Cases Outside the Courtroom” as part of the Arizona State Bar’s 2015 CLE by the Sea on July 21, 2015. In reality civil cases are rarely making it to trial. This reality creates the need for lawyers to have the tools and critical skills to successfully resolve their client’s dispute in settlement negotiations, settlement conference, mediation or arbitration. You will gain practical tools and techniques in each of these areas. Learn the keys to success and how to reach an agreement both sides can live with. Develop your understanding of these tools and how to continue to learn from your own experiences. Enhance your ability to serve your clients during this interactive presentation. Register for the 2015 CLE by the Sea event here: www.azbar.org/cleandmcle/cle/clebythesea/trialpracticetrack John DiCaro, Joe Popolizio, Narinda Greene and Gayle Hassman to Present at 2015 NALA Convention John DiCaro, Joe Popolizio, Narinda Greene and Gayle Hassman are scheduled to present at the 2015 National Association of Legal Assistants Convention and Exhibition on July 22-24, 2015 in Tulsa, OK. Mr. DiCaro, Mr. Popolizio and Ms. Hassman will be presenting “Litigation with Emphasis on Governmental Liability Institute” and Ms. Greene will be co-presenting “To Tweet or Not to Tweet...”. Register for the 2015 NALA Convention here: http://www.nala.org/FORMS/2015_nala_conv_regi.htm JSH RESOURCE ALERT! USLAW Launches LawMobile USLAW announces the launch of LawMobile, a fully customizable education program that delivers training, information and instruction on some of today’s hottest legal topics, jurisdictional differences and legal decisions. How LawMobile Works • USLAW comes to you. We bring a select team of USLAW member attorneys to talk about the issues you tell us you want and need to learn about. • • We will focus on specific markets where you do business and utilize a team of attorneys to share relevant jurisdictional knowledge important to your business’ success. Whether it be a one-hour lunch and learn, halfday intensive program or simply an informal meeting discussing a specific legal matter, USLAW will structure the opportunity to meet your requirements – all at no cost to your company. For more information about LawMobile or to learn how your company can participate, contact Roger M. Yaffe, CEO of USLAW, at 800-231-9110.