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WELCOMECONTENTS 003 MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR EDITOR: Lori Voepel EMAIL: lvoepel@jshfirm.com BIO: jshfirm.com/lorilvoepel Welcome! We are excited to launch the newly redesigned JSH Reporter, which will once again be published quarterly. The JSH Reporter is designed to provide information about changes in the law and how these affect a variety of industries. We will also now include updates on what is happening within the firm. We are proud to have grown to a 72-lawyer firm, while still maintaining the traditions upon which the firm was founded in 1983. In this issue, you’ll find articles on e-discovery, privity of contract, employer background checks, and practical tips for disclosure and mediation. Plus you’ll find ap- pellate highlights, cases of note, recent JSH accomplishments, upcoming events, and even a review of the new movie, Godzilla. end with a networking cocktail reception. Save the date, and watch your emails and the JSH Reporter for more information. Enjoy your summer! On November 5th, JSH will host a full day educational seminar at the Phoenix Convention Center. The morning half will focus on governmental liability issues. In the afternoon, the firm will kick off its annual seminar, this year titled: “It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Hurt.” The day will be packed with useful information, networking and fun, and will We always appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this publication, as it is for you. What do you want to read about? What interests you? Share your ideas with me at lvoepel@jshfirm.com. During Lori’s 21 years of practice, she has handled well over 200 state and federal appeals in virtually every area of law. She also provides appellate guidance to trial attorneys from the pleading through post-trial stages. Keep an eye out for the next issue of the JSH Reporter, to be published this Fall. Lori Voepel Partner and JSH Reporter Editor Contact Lori at 602.263.7312 or lvoepel@jshfirm.com. JSH Reporter magazine contact Published by Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, PLC 2901 N Central Ave, Suite 800, Phoenix, Arizona 85012 magazine team contributing authors EDITOR: Lori Voepel, Partner t. 602.263.7312 e. lvoepel@jshfirm.com Jon Barnes, Associate Appellate Law PHOTOGRAPHER: Bill Schrank, Partner t. 602.263.1766 e. wschrank@jshfirm.com Bill Caravetta, Partner Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith DESIGNER: Katie Bien, Director of Business Development t. 602.263.1769 e. kbien@jshfirm.com Jeff Collins, Partner Coverage Law distribution Michele Molinario, Partner Employment Law and Governmental Liability The JSH Reporter magazine is published four times a year. Print copies are available upon request. To subscribe, contact our Subscriptions Manager. SUBSCRIPTIONS MANAGER: Steven Crocchi, Marketing Coordinator t. 602.263.1798 e. scrocchi@jshfirm.com John DiCaro, Partner Governmental Liability & Civil Litigation David Stout, Associate Civil Litigation and Insurance Defense Mark Zukowski, Parnter Mediator, Alternative Dispute Resolution