JSH Reporter Summer 2014 - Page 20

TRIALCOURTDECISIONS 020 CASES OF NOTE TRIAL COURT DECISIONS Ruth and Don Hall v. Black Angus Steakhouse March 13, 2014 Maricopa County Superior Court Mark Zukowski After a 4-day jury trial before Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Rea, a unanimous verdict was reached in favor of the Plaintiffs, Ruth and Don Hall, in an admitted liability case. JSH Partner Mark Zukowski, who represented Black Angus Steakhouse, successfully persuaded the jury to award much lower damages than those sought by Plaintiffs. Ruth Hall was a patron at Black Angus Steakhouse when a table leaf unexpectedly released and struck her in the right knee. Immediately after this incident, Ruth Hall complained of severe pain and swelling in her knee and sought emergency medical treatment. She was later diagnosed with a torn medial meniscus in her right knee. During trial, Mrs. Hall testified she could not afford health insurance and therefore had to wait 14 months until she qualified for Medicare to have her knee surgery. During the 14 months Mrs. Hall waited for surgery, she claimed she was in severe and incapacitating pain and could not walk. She claimed she could not take pain medications (to which she was allergic), and that she became a prisoner in her home, where she fell 30 times during t H M[۝ˈ\