JSH Reporter Summer 2014 - Page 2

WELCOMECONTENTS 002 WELCOME/ CONTENTS SUMMER 2014 articles 4 Practitioners Beware - Unfavorable Allegations And Disclosure Can Be Used Against Your Client By: David Stout 8 Equal Consideration Does Not Require Overpayment By: Jeff Collins 10 Privity Of Contract Is Still The Rule For Breach-Of-Implied-Warranty Claims Against Subcontractors, Even For New Home Construction By: Jon Barnes 16 Background Checks - Helping Employers Navigate The Battle Between Negligent Hiring And Discriminatory Hiring Practices By: Michele Molinario and John DiCaro 22 Recent Developments In Court Decisions On E-discovery Issues By: Bill Caravetta 24 Want To Improve Your Mediation Success? It Is As Simple As Picking The Right Pair Of Shoes By: Mark Zukowski cases of note 6 15 20 7 9 21 26 Appellate Highlights Appellate Opinions Trial Court Decisions resources Law Alerts Reference Guide State Judicial Profiles JSH Attorney Directory 12 12 19 25 announcements Upcoming Firm Events – Save the Date JSH Firm Announcements Inhouse JSH Events Movie Review: Godzilla