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TABLE OF CONTENTS 02 TABLE OF CONTENTS articles FALL 2017 11 Indecent Exposure: New Decision Confirms Subcontractors’ Liability to CD Damages is Expansive By: Michael Ludwig 12 Websites: The New Frontier for Accessibility Claims By: David Potts 14 Assault and Battery Endorsements: Is it Really Last Call on Bar Liability Coverage? By: Michael Hensley & Erica Spurlock 18 Bracketing: Whether a Fan Or Foe, It Is Important to Understand Its Role in Mediation By: Mark Zukowski 20 Getting to the Sobering Truth of a Dram Shop Claim in Arizona By: William Schrank & Linda Tivorsak 28 Bifurcation No Longer the Road Less Traveled in Road Design Lawsuits: Insight on S.B. 1025’s Recent Amendment to A.R.S. § 12-820.03 By: John DiCaro, Michele Molinario & Amy Salamon 30 Cyber Liability: Think Twice Before Hitting Send By: Erik Stone 32 Beware the Insured’s “Reasonable Expectations” By: John Lierman 36 Did It Just Get Easier to Present Punitive Damages to a Jury in Arizona? By: Kenneth Moskow cases of note 4 7 Appellate Highlights Cases of Note: Trial Court Decisions resources 31 38 46 JSH Resource Alert announcements 24 26 35 44 USLAW Compendiums of Law Attorney Directory Tribute to William R. Jones, Jr. New Partners Meet Our New Lawyers In-House News & Events PARKING MAP AND DIRECTIONS TO JSH PAGE 45