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JSH FIRM ANNOUNCEMENTS 017 JSH Attorneys Named to Leadership in Fiesta Bowl Organization Steve Leach has been elected to a two-year term as the Fiesta Bowl Chairman of the Board. Steve first joined the Fiesta Bowl Organization as a volunteer in 2004, then became a Yellow Jacket Committee member in 2006. In 2011, Steve was elected to the Board of Directors. His dedication to the organization has earned him numerous recognitions, including Yellow Jacket Committee Rookie of the Year and Yellow Jacket Committee Chair, as well as Chair of the Board’s Nominating and Governance Committee and member of the Executive Committee. As Chairman of the Board of Directors, Steve will oversee the governance of the Board, helping to lead and promote the nonprofit organization and its extensive charitable giving efforts, statewide community events and two bowl games – the PlayStation® Fiesta Bowl and the Cactus Bowl. “The Fiesta Bowl puts on the best bowl games in college football and provides Arizona a host of top flight events that produce significant economic impact and allow the bowl to make substantial contributions to charities all over the state. The organization is built on a family of incredibly passionate and dedicated volunteers. It is an extreme honor to have the opportunity to be part of the Fiesta Bowl leadership. I’m looking forward to the challenge,” said Leach. Chelsey Golightly is also a member of the Fiesta Bowl Committee, working with sponsors, volunteers, staff, and the Board of Directors to support the Fiesta Bowl games and other events. She serves as Co-Chair of Team Hospitality for the Cactus Bowl, Assistant Chair of Media Operations, and Assistant Chair for the Oasis Cactus Bowl Pregame Party. Chelsey is also the reigning George Leonard Rookie of the Year for the Fiesta Bowl Committee. In the past five years, the Fiesta Bowl and its surrounding events has generated an estimated $1,000,000,000+ for the local economy, and an estimated $6,000,000+ has been raised and donated to non-profit organizations. More than 2,500 volunteers make up the organization, dedicating their time and talents to support the annual events. CHECK OUT THE JSH REPORTER ONLINE AT: JSHFIRM.COM The JSH Reporter is available in a variety of formats, including an online, interactive format, PDF and print. Archives of past JSH Reporters are available on our website at jshfirm.com. If you would like additional copies of this Fall Edition, send an email to marketing@jshfirm.com.