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WELCOMECONTENTS 002 WELCOME/ CONTENTS FALL 2014 articles 4 The Application of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act in Litigation By: Elizabeth Gilbert 10 Arizona Court of Appeals Expands, Then Narrows, Anti-Deficiency Protection By: Bob Berk 16 The Implied Waiver of the Attorney-Client Privilege Under State Farm v. Lee: A Refresher Course By: Bill Caravetta 23 Awards of Attorneys’ Fees: How to Determine Whether Your Case “Arises Out of Contract” Under Arizona’s Fee Statute By: Jason Kasting 24 Use Your Dating Experience To Improve Your Mediation Success By: Mark Zukowski cases of note 8 20 Appellate Highlights resources Trial Court Decisions 6 9 18 26 Spoilation of Evidence Compendium of Law announcements 7 12 14 15 19 21 25 Law and Case Alerts Retail Compendium of Law JSH Attorney Directory Upcoming Firm Event: It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Gets Hurt! JSH Firm Announcements The Barrister’s Ball Book By: Mark Zukowski Upcoming Speaking Engagements Upcoming Firm Event: Current Issues in Governmental Liability Inhouse JSH Events Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy NOV 5th SEMINAR Register Now for Free CLE and CE JSH Annual Seminar SEE PAGE07