JSH Reporter Fall 2014 - Page 19

ANNOUNCING THE 2014 JSH GOVERNMENTAL LIABILITY SEMINAR CURRENT ISSUES IN GOVERNMENTAL LIABILITY 11.5.14 - PHOENIX CONV CENTER - 9 AM - 12 PM Please join us on November 5th for our annual CLE seminar, which is being offered free to our clients and potential clients. In the morning session, we will provide an update on current issues that affect our Governmental Liability clients. In the afternoon, we encourage you to stay for our annual update on Arizona law. You won’t want to miss our entertaining and educational new twist on the old favorite, Hollywood Squares…which we have dubbed as “The JSH Squares.” Seating is limited, so don’t wait...register today! More information and Registration available online at: www.jshfirm.com SESSION DESCRIPTIONS GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES AND THE FREEDOM TO TWEET, POST, LIKE, AND SHARE? Social media communication is now pervasive among employees and can be problematic for employers…especially public employers. This session will explain employer rights and responsibilities in dealing with employee posts, comments, likes, follows, hashtags, and other social media activities. We will also explain the importance of social media policies and what they should contain. Presented by: Michele Molinario and Gordon Lewis “ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A CLAIMANT’S LAWYER?” LEARNING TO IDENTIFY THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF A VALID NOTICE OF CLAIM This session will take you through the Notice of Claim basics, after which our guests will be invited to play “Are You Smarter Than A Claimant’s Lawyer.” Use audience response clickers to buzz in your answers on how to handle various notice of claim scenarios, and help our governmental entities and employees to be Smarter Than A Claimant’s Lawyer. Presented by: Jonathan Barnes and Eileen GilBride SHINING A LIGHT ON THE PUBLIC’S “RIGHT TO KNOW”: AN UPDATE ON PUBLIC RECORDS LAW What does the pubic have a right to know? This session will teach you what constitutes a public record, whether every public record has to be disclosed and when those records have to be disclosed. Additional topics will include what you can charge for producing the records and ultimately what the ramifications are for improper withholding of records. Presented by: Elizabeth Gilbert and John DiCaro YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHAT JURIES ARE THINKING?....THINK AGAIN This panel session with guest speaker Richard Jenson will demonstrate the difference between a Focus Jury and Mock Jury and how each helps shape an effective defense. The audience will learn how Focus Juries help defense counsel in the evaluation of a case, liability and damages and develop an effective trial theme. We will also discuss how jury consultants use focus juries to assist in mapping out an effective jury selection process. Presented by: Georgia Staton, John Masterson, Phil Sta