JSH Reporter Fall 2014 - Page 14

JSHFIRMANNOUNCEMENTS 014 Steve Leach Featured in article, “General Liability Insurance: Is ‘Enough’ Really Enough?” (As originally published by In Business Magazine) Steve Leach is a partner with Phoenix-based Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, P.L.C. who has been practicing employment law for 15 years. He suggests businesses review their insurance policies with their brokers at least once a year, or when there are changes in operation, such as increasing or reducing the work force, reducing or eliminating employee benefits or if the company is contemplating a major merger or acquisition. “Most of the time, I get called when the horse is already out of the barn,” Leach says. “For example, if I’m asked to respond to an EEOC charge, we may be in a damage control scenario because improper employment action has already happened. More sophisticated clients engage me in the employment decision-making process to avoid or minimize the problem in the first place.” Leach says businesses should be proactive with their risk management process and do an annual review of their policies and procedures. “Some lawyers will say that you don’t have to have an employee handbook,” he says. “If you do have one, make sure it is consistent with the law and that it’s simple and is focused on protecting the employer’s interests.” Jones, Skelton & Hochuli has also seen an increase in employment cases, and Leach attributes that to the downturn in the economy when people who lost their jobs tried to recover money through litigation. “No one wants to accept they were a bad employee,” he says. Leach also emphasizes that business owners make sure they understand their policy limits, stating that oftentimes, his clients’ policy limits are too small. “Don’t be afraid to contact your lawyer or broker before making an employment decision. For a few hundred bucks, you could avoid thousands of dollars in damages and a nightmare that drags on forever in the courts.” JSH Creates New Position, Director of Paralegals and Litigation Technology JSH has created a new position, Director of Paralegals and Litigation Technology, and has promoted Narinda Greene to serve in this unique role. Narinda has served as a paralegal at JSH for the past ten years. During her tenure at JSH, she has helped coach and train the firm’s paralegal staff and continues to serve as a valuable resource to the firm’s 34 paralegals. It is because of her hard work and dedication that JSH decided to create a new position at the firm. “We believe having this new position will add value to the paralegal team as well as the clients they serve, by creating a more efficient and streamlined team,” says Jennifer Lovato, Firm Administrator. As the Director of Paralegals and Litigation Technology, Narinda will provide one-on-one training as well as develop group educational programs for the paralegal team. We are confident Narinda will continue to strive for success and serve as an excellent leader for the paralegals here at JSH. The Barrister’s Ball Book By: Mark Zukowski Most people can relate to the trials and tribulations of planning and paying for a wedding. Mark Zukowski, a Partner at JSH, decided to share the experiences he had while planning and paying for his daughter’s wedding in his book, “The Barrister’s Ball.” “When my ‘Princess’ announced she was getting married, I knew I had to make a choice between agonizing over what this ‘ball’ would cost me (not to mention the DRAMA), or actually try and enjoy it. Since I always wanted to write a book, I decided on option two and this book became my therapy.” – Mark Zukowski Read more about how Mark survived his daughter’s wedding by visiting his website: www.thebarristersball.com.