Journal: People Science - Human Capital Management & Leadership in the public sector Volume 1, Issue 2 Spring/Summer 2014 - Page 39

Announcing A 6 PART CERTIFICATE SERIES Building Your Financial Security from the US Department of Agriculture and TMGov The USDA/NIFA Division of Family and Consumer Sciences within the Institute of Youth, Family, and Community has developed a six-week, one hour webinar and on-demand learning series, “Building Your Financial Security.” All courses are taught by Dr. Susan Shockey, Family & Consumer Economics National Program Leader. The certificate program series is offered by the Organization of Professional Employees (OPEDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture and produced by TMGovU. OPEDA (Organization of Professional Employees, U.S. Department of Agriculture) is a USDA employee member based non-profit organization. OPEDA works closely with several professional and employee organizations and national coalitions to support positive workplace initiatives and to pursue matters of material interest to its members. Membership is open to all USDA employees and retirees. Please contact OPEDA at for more information. The remaining two live webinar courses will take place on April 28 and May 8, 2014 between noon and 1pm ET. You can register at April 23rd: Investing – Making Your Money Work for You May 8th: Financial Recovery “One Step at a Time” Don’t worry if you missed any of the previous four courses in the series. They are available online at www.tmgovu. org (select from the “Certificates” tab). You can access the courses whenever you like and earn your Certificate of Completion for any or all, it’s completely free. If, after completing all six courses successfully you would like your official program certification with credits from TMGov and the Human Resources Certification Institute, you can enroll in the program (note that there is a $99 administrative fee for enrollment). Family & Consumer Economics National Program Leader “TMGovU’s wide variety and unlimited access to Federal leaders, subject matter experts and industry specialists offers members great value and benefit by learning and collaborating, even after a live session is offered. Members can exchange and interact with one another, so the learning doesn’t end when the live session is over… it continues and becomes even more robust.” - Mika Cross, Federal Work/Life Strategist, USDA People Science Spring 2014 34