Journal: People Science - Human Capital Management & Leadership in the public sector Volume 1, Issue 2 Spring/Summer 2014 - Page 35

Introduction The world of work is rapidly changing, requiring all of us to think differently about how we work, where we work, and specifically how we lead our teams. The shift taking place is truly astounding. As a society, we are rapidly redefining how work gets done, and this transformation is impacting all of us. Our willingness to be resilient, embrace change and learn new skills will carry us into the future. Your role, as a leader, is in helping your team to make this shift. Public-sector leaders should embrace telework wherever possible - certainly for the sake of the worker, but first and foremost, for the good of their organization and the people it serves. Let’s pretend, for example, that all of the federal government workers who could and wanted to telework twice a week, were allowed to do so. The savings for total government would be over 6 billion dollars a year (Figure One). Moreover, the a