Journal: People Science - Human Capital Management & Leadership in the public sector Volume 1, Issue 2 Spring/Summer 2014 - Page 30

The key to measuring at the impact and ROI levels are to align the program to the business measures in the beginning. The V-Model, shown in Figure 2, is an excellent way to visualize the alignment process. This clearly shows the connection between needs assessment and evaluation, with objectives serving as transitions between the two processes. Most leadership programs begin at Level 2, learning, as leadership competencies are suggested for a particular group. It is often presented as a learning solution, and this makes it very difficult to connect the business on the evaluation side. Figure 2: Program Alignment V-Model In reality, the program should start with a business need. What particular business measures should change if these competencies are used with the team? When this question is answered (and it can be addressed in most public sector situations) those measures are the initial connection of these competencies to business measures. With that connection, the business objective at Level 4 is set and the business alignmen \