Job's Journal October/November - Page 8

scotland news Newsletter Glennon brothers facts: Across the group, they take in 127 loads of logsā€¦per day! With those logs they generate, daily: 56 loads of sawn timber 37 loads of woodchips 19 loads of sawdust 7 loads of bark 2 loads of butt chips 4 loads of a sawdust/butt chip mix to be burned in their kilns Scotland sawmills visit November has seen the annual visit to our suppliers in Scotland. Along with sales and product discussions it provides a perfect opportunity to see how other sawmills operate and to see if there is anything we can learn to help forward our own efforts. This year was a particularly insightful visit for Steve and myself in getting to see a new saw line that shows a considerable amount of potential for a mill of our size and would allow us to diversify into other product lines that are, currently, uneconomical for us to produce.