Job's Journal October/November - Page 5

health & safety Newsletter news /Environmental Forestry We have been working hard over the last few months to secure funding towards a new Forestry Trailer that will allow us to exploit more markets by improving accessibility and haul more timber per load by reducing weight. We have just received confirmation that the funding is in place and will be ordering a shiny new trailer for Paul this week! Health & Safety Within the next few weeks I will be giving everyone some manual handling training which is something that needs doing regularly. There will be a number of sessions and I will be visiting Brigg & Wentworth to deliver their training too. This is a little out of my comfor ۙHB[Hܘ]Y[Y[H[[[YH]B\X[HZ[[]H]]HZ[] ]\[[][؛[\[Hۙ\H[\H]YXH[[\XXKHZ[[[Hۙ[[]^\]Y܈Z[[Z\HX[X[[[[\H][\ۈ\\\Y[™[\HXXK\Y\]XX[ܝ]\[XX]BݚY\YHۙ\[ۈݙ\][\H[Z[™YYH[[HYHYY[\Y[ۙ^H[\[۝HY\H[YH[[ۙ^H][BڙX]\X[H]\ٞZ[XZ]H0M L \]YY۝H[ۙ^HH]H]YH\\[[XX]HHH][ۘ[ܚY[[YHHHܚY[[\^H]B\H[[[وX]0 K ݙ\ YX\X[YHHڙXZY܈[][BڙXY[Y\[Hو YX\˂HYB ظ&\\[