Job's Journal October/November - Page 4

newsletter news HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOB’s journal November 2015 saw the birth of Job’s Journal which has developed over the last year into a fine young publication that we should be proud of. When Jen was thinking about creating a newsletter, she was shown the original Job’s Journal to draw inspiration from. Much like the first time around, we offered staff the opportunity to name the newsletter and true to Earnshaw’s traditional values, Job’s Journal came out trumps for the second time around. Originally, the re-issuing of Job’s Journal was a practical project for Jen carry out as part of her university journalism course. The project was successful and she received a first class mark for her work on the newsletter. We decided to carry this on as the groundwork was already set and it gives staff across all sites and departments to receive the same information whilst also having the opportunity to include their own articles to share. Looking back at our past issues, the development of the newsletter is evident. The design has grown into its own style and the content itself has increased thanks to our staff contributions which we are always welcoming more of - whether it’s a work-related bit of information, an acknowledgement of your colleague’s great work, some charity work you are doing, or something outside of work that you’d like to share with us here at Earnshaws. Hopefully, the newsletter will continue to grow into an interesting and useful publication for everyone here at Earnshaws. Here’s to the next birthday! celebrate with cupcakes! Katie has very kindly made Earnshaws some cupcakes to celebrate Job’s Journal turning one year old today. There is one available for everyone which we will bring round later in the day. There’s some making their way to you too, Wentworth and Brigg! Please take a look at some of Katie’s creations on: P.3 job’s journal