Job's Journal October/November - Page 3

company news The Goose Is Getting Fat Christmas is coming, and the goose is getting fat, and if we were breeding geese for Christmas that’s exactly where we’d hope to be. As it is we tend to get very quiet at this time of year, and cost saving is our watchword for a few months. Every little helps, from turning off lights and heaters when not being used, to reducing damage to products and minimising wasted materials and time. This should of course always be the case, but it does make more of a difference at this time of year. I know that as a company we’re not used to a lot of change, and so I wish to thank you for your willingness to adapt to the new management structures, procedures, working practices etc that have been happening recently. In the current era of internet start-ups, online shopping and home delivery the business models that we have grown up with have been effectively challenged, and dynamic customer focussed companies are the ones that are thriving. We may never become (or indeed want to become) one of these new businesses, but neither can we rest on our laurels and not move with the times. Therefore I can confidently say that there are still many changes to come, some planned, and some as yet unknown. One change that I’m delighted to report is that of an expansion to our online sales and marketing with the return to the company of Richard Earnshaw (see later in this Journal). I’m sure he’ll fit back in quickly, and soon settle into what is a new role for both him and the company. Also the new appraisal system that I mentioned previously has now been used with the managers, and has been very well received. I look forward to your own feedback as it comes into use for everyone. We have recently made some changes to our maintenance and fitting procedures for the site. Roger and Graham will continue to perform their tasks as before but with a more structured approach. If there is any site work that needs completing please raise it with either Sue or myself so that the work can be assigned to the most appropriate person and prioritised accordingly. - John - Ben Maintenance changes P.2 job’s journal