Job's Journal October/November - Page 14

quiz answers Yorkshire Placenames Quiz Answers To keep you guessing, we’ve given you the answers but in the wrong order! Match the answers up to the the questions and you’ll have a ‘Eureka’ moment! 1. Most dogs have these? 2. Engaged couples do this? 3. Two ways to cross a river? 4. It means broken bridge? 5. A place for women of ill-repute? 6. Condiment on fire? 7. Erection by the water? 8. Fortress by a car? 9. Funeral party by the pasture? 10. Where you put down your roots? 1. Pickering 2. Settle 3. Hawes 4. Pontefract 5. Ferrybridge 6. Leeds 7. Hornsea 8. Castleford 9. Wakefield 10. Saltburn Winner: Ryan Thomas Congratulations to Ryan Thomas who entered the quiz, getting all the questions right. Well done to all those who entered the quiz and all those of you who got them right. As usual, we drew the names out out of a hat, so as long as you’re in it, there’s a good chance you’ll win it! P.13 job’s journal