JLUS Report - Page 84

Gates County Northampton County Camden County b a 158 Hertford County b a 258 Perquimans County Chowan County 17 £ ¤ 13 Halifax County Dare County Range Coordination Military Awareness Area (MAA) Currituck County Airport Elizabeth City CG Air Station Regional Airport Tri-County Airport Figure 28 Currituck County Elizabeth City £ ¤ Legend Pasquotank County Coordination MAA High Risk of Adverse Impact Subzone Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity Bertie County BASH Subzone and 5-Mile Military Notification Subzone First Flight Airport Restricted Area Subzone Northeastern Regional Airport Oak Edgecombe City MTR Subzone County Dare County Regional Airport £ ¤ 64 Martin County Airport £ ¤ Plymouth Municipal Airport 64 Martin County Washington County Tyrrell County Dare County Installation Boundary County Boundary Donald's Air Park JLUS County Partner Municipal Boundary Pitt-Greenville Airport Warren Field Greenville Pitt County Washington £ ¤ Beaufort County Lenoir County Whitfield's East Airport b a 264 Hodges Farm Airport 17 Hyde County Airport Hyde County 70 New Bern Page 68 Water Body Dare County Range Airport Billy Mitchell Airport Craven County Regional Airport Jones County Onslow County US Highway Lee Creek Airport Craven County £ ¤ Military Operations Area Subzone Havelock Ocracoke I 6@''@Ɩ66VG6W&6S6WW"6d"#B6'FW&W@6VGP֖W06WW"6d"BF&R6VG&vRU2&W'