JLUS Report - Page 39

Figure 8 Pikeville Johnston County Seymour Johnson AFB Imaginary Surface Wayne Executive Jetport Princeton £ ¤ 70 § ¦ ¨ 795 T S 581 £ ¤ 13 ¬ « Greene County 44 Legend Airfield Imaginary Surface Primary Surface Approach/Departure Clearance Surface (50:1) Approach/Departure Clearance Surface (Horizontal) Inner Horizontal Surface Conical Surface (20:1) Goldsboro Outer Horizontal Surface Transitional Surface (7:1) Installation Boundary County Boundary JLUS County Partner Seymour Johnson AFB £ ¤ 13 £ ¤ Municipal Boundary 70 La Grange T S 903 Wayne County Lenoir County T S 111 Interstate US Highway State Highway Stream / River Airport Airfield Surface Area Imaginary Surfaces The DOD has identified certain imaginary  surfaces around military use runways to  determine how structures and facilities are  evaluated and identify if they pose a vertical  obstruction relative to the airspace around a  runway.  The imaginary surfaces of an active  runway are used to define the required airspace  that must remain free of vertical obstructions in  the vicinity of aviation operations to ensur pYpY0\X\0\\\\0[0]\˰0p\[\[XY[\p\X\Z[0\۰ۙp[\[0\p\YۙY0ZYppZY0ٰX\\\p\p\X[0؜X[ۜZ\]Y][۰[0\][ۜ0Z]\]\[0ܰX[$XYKp[XY[\p\X\[]]p^[[\۰Q&\[^\\p[\]Y0۰Y\p BLM“[[]B][X\[Z\ܝ][[”\N^[[\ۈQ MK[[]B\[[B•0 MB^[[\ۈQ[\H[H[HT\ܝB“Z[\”YH