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Seymour Johnson AFB MCAOD / DCR MIA Establish a Coordinated Noise Complaint System    Seymour Johnson AFB MCAOD / DCR MIA Short-Term  Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range should establish and implement a coordinated noise complaint system which is accessible to the public and includes, but is not limited to:  NOI-1C NOI-1B Issue / Strategy A common form to complete about the noise nuisance that describes the noise, time the noise occurred, frequency, etc. Points of contact for all communities and the installation Response time for addressing the noise Follow-up to ensure the complaint was either addressed or explanation as to why it was not addressed Amend Real Estate Disclosures Mid-Term   Consider amending Chapter 47E of the North Carolina Statutes to require real estate brokers and salespersons to disclose whether a property is within an area of military overflight. Consider incorporating the airspace map in the possession of the North Carolina Military Affairs Commission as part of this disclosure. Primary Partner: State Legislature Other Primary Partner: North Carolina Real Estate Commission NOI-2 Incompatible Development in Seymour Johnson AFB Noise Con \“\HHX]]Y\]^[[\ۈQ\H[X[YX\H[]]H[\\[\[[[][]Y\ˈܙX]\[[]Y\[][Y[][^[[\ۈQ\H۝\]HH[X[YXZ\[ۋXܚ]X[Z[[˂KLH^[[\ۈQ\HPB[Y[Z[[\܈]ۜX[ۂ[Y[Z[[\\]Z\H[][X][ۈXY]H[[\[܈\B][و H܈[H]Z[[܈YۚYX[[\܈Y][ۜ\[ZY U\Bkk^[[\ۈQ[\H[H[HT\ܝYH LN