JLUS Report sj_jlus_report_sm - Page 125

Issue / Strategy LAND USE (LU) LU-1 Compatible Land Use in Comprehensive Plans and Zoning Need for City of Goldsboro and Wayne County to update Comprehensive Plans and planning documents including zoning to reflect compatible land use recommendations including non-residential intensity (floor area ratio) in the 2011 AICUZ Study and Air Force Instruction 32-7063. LU-1A Seymour Johnson AFB MCAOD Define and Establish Military Compatibility Areas Mid-Term   The City of Goldsboro and Wayne County should incorporate a Military Compatibility Area Overlay District (MCAOD) containing Military Compat X[]B\X\ P\H]YXH\\[[[]Hو\]X[]H\Y\ˈBPS\HX]H[ܘ\X\XHو[وHP\X[Y BP\[H\YHH]H[[HY[YH\X\\HXYX˜\]X[]H\Y\\H[ܙHZ[H\[\[Y[][ۈوHPS[\X]Y]YY\܈\H\X\[X[]]NܙX][HY\[Y]ܚ܈XZ[[[[X\[ۜ˜\[Z[]\HZ\Y[[\X\XXZ[]\Hݙ\Y»k[ܙHX\][HY[YZ[\X\][YX܈HYXYHZ[]\BZ\[ۜ»kX[HXX&\X[ Y]K[[\N»kX[HZ[]\HZ\[ێ»kܙX][H\]XHZ^و[\\[k[[[ܙ\H[][ۈ[][ۘ[ܙ[^][ۈو[\B\[Z[]\HZ\Y[[\][\X\˂HP\܈H^[[\ۈQPS\HY[Y\΂kkܙ[][ۈPH8$[Y\[[][ HZ[\وH[\HقH^[[\ۈQ\Hܙ[][ۈ]YY\\H\^[[\ۈQ[\H[H[HT\ܝYH L